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To add, w2 stands out as one of the best weed dispensaries last year 2021 and still putting up with the best and most discreet delivery systems worldwide, we are the best choice for your delivery. In addition, w2 has set aside measures to make sure you get your weed on just a snap of the finger, with us you can buy weed online worldwide shipping from a legit and trusted source. moreover buying weed online from us have so many advantages due to the fact that we try to put your satisfaction our guarantee. legit online dispensary shipping worldwide is one of the few search words you can find us through hence. best recreational dispensary near me

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why buy weed from us

Do you ship Worldwide ?

WE DO , w2 does ship worldwide on a very short time frame due to the vast network we have put in place 

how long to get my package ?

all depends on your location and the payment method you choose hence your delivery time is decided by you but maximum delivery time here is 72 hours 

can my package get caught?

NO , This has never happened and will not start with your package not under our watch all you need do is complete your order an leave the rest to us 

what if my package gets destroyed?

the company replaces with no fees 

How do you package ?

discreet packaging , smell proof packages and custom compliant.

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